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Triathlon (swim/bike/run)


I’ve been racing triathlon for fun and friendship and have had some decent success. I also am responsible for managing my kids and family - along with my career.

My knee is tweaky sometimes, but I’m not sure if I should rest or do exercises. Sometimes my shoulder, too. I don’t want to go through standard practices where I’m a patient forever or I only feel good for the ride home. I need immediate impactful results that stick. I also need someone who will check on me after they support me getting out of pain and have the functional strength and endurance to train and perform my sport with confidence. Sometimes my pain moves around or I lose mobility in new areas.

I am getting older and expect to feel good and stay active. I know there are more modern therapies out there that can support my goals. I want someone I can trust to be my partner along that path - not “well, it’s overused, so…”



Acute injury

Time at a premium

Get better fast

Doing fun or competitive athletic endeavors with my friends is the highlight of my social life. I used to play sports in college, but now I like to be outside, be active, and be social. I messed up my shoulder last weekend on Lake Austin and my buddy twisted his ankle in our pick-up basketball game. We are still going to crossfit, but the limitations seem to be causing other issues. The days have been so busy with my tech job. Everyone thinks that it’s so easy, but the deadlines are tight, and I have to stay on top of my projects. I can’t run around town getting a million treatments or waste my time and money with slow-progress solutions.



Injury prevention

Long-term fitness

Aware of new therapies

Time sensitive

Biohack interests

I am still a decent athlete -- and I have my routine for workouts. There are so many boutique clinic treatments and options out there that I probably should be doing -- and I can’t spend my day driving around doing hours of 3 kinds of treatment sessions. I prefer something holistic and effective that isn’t just one solution forced at me.

Knowing that I’m biomechanically sound, working through areas before they are an injury, keeping me moving, spending less than 2 hours a week -- that’s perfect.

PerformOx powered by Neufit




We restore natural muscle function utilizing neuro-lymphatic muscle activation and a proprietary electrical device that retrains the muscles and joints to operate like when you were younger.

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- Effective: Neuro-targeted, powered by NeuFit technology

- Fast: Rapid improvements, directed at source of disfunction

- Personalized: Targeted to your body’s needs and your “performance” goals




- Personalized Restore + Perform sessions

- Personalized Restore + Perform at-home work

- Weekly Restore Video Learning

- Membership Wellness Event

- Membership Master Class

- Aligned Partner Promotions

- Ongoing Check-In Evaluations

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