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What is NeuFit?

Neufit is a combination of the most advanced neurological technology, principles, techniques, and applications. It leverages many principles that are directly aligned with the underpinning conceptual understanding of Chinese medicine while enhancing those processes using technology.

Neufit uses a specific electrical waveform that mimics our own body’s central nervous system signal, unlike other electrical devices.

Neufit is a direct pulsed current that mimics the same signal the CNS sends to lengthen muscles. It is 250 times stronger than what the CNS normally sends. In many case studies Rehab time of injuries have been decreased by up to 70 percent vs. traditional methods

This technology helps to promote proper communication of the nervous system throughout the body, reducing pain and enhancing recovery faster than any other modality currently offered. This specific technology doesn’t replace the natural processes but rather enhances and supports them to allow for proper neurological signaling and communication. This in turn accelerates the healing process, improves muscular function and strength, stops pain, and builds muscle.

The waveform mimics our body’s own central nervous system signaling which allows for an accurate assessment and scan of each muscles functioning state. This allows for the discovery of muscles that are being limited, governed or blocked due to improper and pathological neurological signaling leading to pain, weakness, compensatory patterns, poor healing, and injury. The waveform then re-establishes communication removing these inhibitory processes which allows for dramatic improvement in overall muscular functioning leading to very fast pain relief and improved performance.

Why does PerformOx use the Neubie? (NeuFit Technology()

Hear Garrett, founder of the NeuFit Technology, talk about why practices like ours use the Neubie for neuromuscular re-education.

What is a Neuro-Targeted Approach?

We use neurological-based techniques to help you heal faster, get fitter, and perform better.

When you are in pain or moving inefficiently --

We can identify exactly where any weak links are in your body that are allowing it to be compromised. By reactivating those weak links, any injured areas will be better supported so they can heal. Our unique, direct current stimulation can also accelerate the healing of any tissues that have to be repaired.

We couple this with functional training --

That same electrical stimulation can be used to intensify and amplify the effect of any workout. It can accelerate your gains in body composition, mobility, strength, endurance.

PerformOx powered by NeuFit

What is the Science?

PerformOx develops and delivers recovery, fitness, and performance protocols in small group or individual settings. We use manual manipulation, Neubie (NeuFit device) technology, movement, and strength to stimulate programming the neuromuscular system. By doing so, our clients have solid functional fitness on which they can layer performance fitness.


NASM Personal Trainer Certification

TRX Suspension Training Certification

R.P.R. Certified Practitioner

CPR Certification

Electro Muscle Stimulation (DC) Practitioner

Neuro Pathway Certified Practitioner

Neubie Certified Practitioner

Dry Needling Certified Practitioner

Cupping Certified Practitioner

Meet the Team

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Josh Oxendine

Chief Performance Officer

& Co-Founder

Josh Oxendine supports clients achieving fitness results through proven processes and the latest wellness techniques. Dedicated to implementing individual plans for optimal client success, Josh brings his energetic, dynamic, focused personality to his clients.

The personalized plans he develops demonstrate an optimal balance of practical and theoretical knowledge of athletic performance and fitness, with specific expertise in rehabilitation, cycling, running, and strength training. His collaborative style ensures he listens and understands individual situations and accommodates for optimal client success. His exceptional problem-solving and functional approach ensures he listens to each client's body and words.

Josh excels in athletics, competing as a cross-country/track scholarship athlete at the D1 and D2 collegiate levels. At Mars Hill University (D2), the team won the Cross Country Conference Title and qualified for Nationals. In that same period, Josh qualified for several invitational events in the 5k in indoor track. Transferring to Gardner-Webb (D1), the team won the Big South Conference Title in track.

When an injury sidelined him from running, his interest cycling grew to a passion. Quickly excelling through hard work and aligning to mentors, he learned rapidly and competed in regional and national level races.

He has coached and mentored athletes competing in running (5k-marathon) and cycling. Athletes value his theoretical and practical knowledge – his ability to use hard data as well as soft-skills to meet the client’s goals.

In 2018, he returned to running, applying his knowledge to his own training. As a result, he qualified for the Boston Marathon, running under 3 hours.

To facilitate his ability to reach more people and develop a well-rounded fitness skill set, he founded PerformOx in 2019.

With a proven track record and over 10 years of experience in client service and business development, Josh pairs his professional and athletic background and personal training education to maximize his impact on client outcomes.


NASM Personal Trainer Certification

RPR Certification

NeuFit Rehabilitation Certification

NeuFit Fitness Certification

TRX Suspension Training Certification

CPR Certification

Dry Needling Certified Practitioner

Cupping Certified Practitioner

JuliannaFinal copy.jpeg

Juli Fiocca

Chief Executive Officer

& Co-Founder

Juli Fiocca leads with focus on customer experience and delivers business results through sustainable processes. Her style is collaborative with an optimal balance of analytical rigor and creative problem solving. She is an operations- and business development-oriented executive, always focused on the customer.

At PerformOx, she focuses on the business development and operational processes in order to deliver exceptional customer experiences through the talents of the restore + perform coaches. This entrepreneurial venture brings her passion of wellness and fitness to the community through exceptional training protocols.

As an athlete, Juli competed in soccer and track as a youngster -- triathlon and cycling captured her as an adult. She was an elite age group triathlete with the Timex Multisport Team for over 10 years.

Brad MacDougall, PT, DBT

Biomechanics Practice Leader


Expert in applying advanced techniques to biomechanics and performance

Specializes in biomechanical analysis and the implementation of corrective strategies

Trained in biomechanics, kinesiology, Physical Therapy

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