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Austin Ozone 3 Therapy

What is this??? Watch the video to find out more about what this is, what it does, what to expect. Contact us for a referral.

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The Loop Running Supply

Treatments and clinics at The Loop Running Supply on Wednesdays!

APD Community Social Run - 3 mile and 5 mile options - Wednesdays @6pm

Discount available to PerformOx Clients

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The Truth About Meditation... Finally make meditation work for you

Meditation is potentially the most powerful habit you can have to improve your mental, emotional and even spiritual health.

The practice has been scientifically proven to help you reduce stress, sleep better, improve focus and productivity, enhance your mood, better regulate your emotions, and so much more. It’s an incredibly important part of my daily routine, and I believe that it’s a tool that everyone should be using to improve their well-being.

But in all of my years of advocating for meditation, I’ve seen one major roadblock come up over and over again and prevent people from getting started or staying consistent:

It’s difficult to find a routine that suits your unique goals, personality, and lifestyle.

Even when people understand the benefits of meditation, it can still feel like an inaccessible practice. Many of us think that it has to look like sitting cross-legged in a perfectly peaceful room, eyes closed, thinking about nothing, totally blissed out.

AKA, completely unrealistic.

This misleading mental image leaves people feeling frustrated, confused, unmotivated, and ready to give up before they’ve experienced the benefits of a regular practice.

The truth is that meditation doesn’t have to be some profound and pristine experience. It doesn’t need to be ultra-spiritual, it doesn’t need to be complicated, and it definitely doesn’t need to look like sitting still with your eyes closed.

It’s simply a form of mental training that can be customized based on your long as you know what makes up an effective practice.

In order to take a stand against confusing one-size-fits-all recommendations, my friends at Kion created Meditation Demystified, a comprehensive resource that gives you everything you need to customize a meditation routine that works for you.

This 40+ page eBook is loaded with knowledge-bombs and easy-to-use tools including:

  • The scientifically-proven benefits of meditation

  • The 4 simple things you need to know to start meditating today

  • A simple template for creating a meditation practice to meet your unique health goals

  • The truth behind common meditation myths

  • A roadmap for dealing with distracting thoughts

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to meditate to improve stress, sleep, performance, productivity, physical health, emotional regulation, and spiritual connection

  • 14 meditations you can do today

  • The secrets to making your meditation practice a daily habit

  • And so much more...

And as a bonus, if you get Meditation Demystified today, you’ll instantly receive five free video meditations from experts including Ben Greenfield, Paul Chek, Emily Fletcher, and more.

So if you’re ready to clear up the confusion, create a practice that works for you, and start reaping the benefits of meditation…

Then get Meditation Demystified today.

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