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Aligned with East Austin Athletic Club

on Cesar Chavez just east of Springdale

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512.593.6033 voice or text

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Inside East Austin Athletic Club

4909 E Cesar Chavez St

ATX 78702

or Wednesdays at

The Loop Running Supply

Electric Ave, ATX 78703

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Location and Amenities

PerformOx is performing in life and in sport…. Aligning with East Austin Athletic Club

This alignment gives you:

- Sessions in a private, air-conditioned space

- Movement protocols in the gym

- Access to EAAC’s classes and open gym

- Abundant and free parking

- Expanded hours

- New showers and bathrooms


4909 E Cesar Chavez St, 78702

Located on the south side of E Cesar Chavez between Springdale and 183.

Alignment with The Loop Running Supply

Join PerformOx on Wednesdays from 12-8 at The Loop Running Supply.

We will engage in scheduled visits, mini-sessions, and the APD Social Loop Run.

- Scheduled 1/1 sessions

- Complimentary initial experience

- Mini-session drop-ins

- APD Social Loop Run: 6pm. 3 and 5 mile options. Social pace.


Restore + Perform

Restore + Perform Membership

$400 / every 4 sessions

(equivalent to $100 per session)

$/month ongoing

Autorenews to align to your Personalized Plan of Performance

Personalized Plan of Performance

- Personalized Restore + Perform sessions

- Personalized Restore + Perform at-home work

- Weekly Restore Video Learning

- Membership Wellness Event

- Membership Master Class

- Aligned Partner Promotions

- Ongoing Check-In Evaluations

Engage with your PerformOx team along your personal performance journey. Hands down the most complete, personalized, and targeted approach.

We facilitate your journey by consistently using our full suite of restorative therapies and foundational fitness regimens. Doing so eliminates pain and inefficiency and establishes strength and efficient movement.

Perform may mean triathlon, cycling, running, swimming, daily living, walking ---- whatever your personal goals, we will provide the foundation to your sport-specific training plan with efficient biomechanics.

Punch Card 6

$700 / 6 sessions

(equivalent to $117 per session)

You can schedule 6 sessions within a 6 month period

Single Evaluation


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Get started with a Complimentary Initial Experience: Text 512.593.6033