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Sling to Mobility in 7 days

Hear how Hayim went from a dislocation in a sling to mobility and ready for his vacation adventure in 7 days.

Pain and Restricted Movement to Full Range in 2 visits

Hear how Tom went from no strength, pain, and lack of mobility to full range of motion and back to his favorite sport in 2 sessions.

Michael Gregory talks about Neubie benefits as he joins PerformOx

Hear Michael Gregory, experienced Crossfit athlete and coach, talk about his personal experience as well as how he anticipates supporting clients with the Neubie technology at PerformOx.

How can you tell if I'm efficient?

Using muscle testing and the Neubie, our expert trainers can determine which muscles are "shut down" (not firing) and the root cause of why.

By doing so, you can get power and speed --- with minimal time and effort. It's like free speed: using what you have already.

How about post-surgery recovery?

"After helping me knock 3 months off of the recovery from one surgery, they then helped me avoid another one altogether. Now with each training session I feel stronger and more mobile. It's the ultimate biohack."

Alex Charfen

I have a TENS unit. Same thing?

No. NeuFit technology within the NEUBIE is revolutionary in that it is Direct Current (DC) as apposed to Alternating Current (DC). This means that the wave form is engineered to most closely align to your neurological signals. As a result:

- We can identify the ROOT CAUSE of inefficiency or pain

- We can REPATTERN the nervous system to improve function

- We can ACCELERATE the rate of healing

The drawbacks of AC current, like muscle damage, is not a risk, as the DC current works with the neurological system instead of just targeting a muscle.

Why is neuro-targeted good for endurance athletic performance?

The relationship between the nervous and musculoskeletal system is the foundation of movement, fitness, and athletic performance. It has been neglected in the past - not with PerformOx's protocols and NeuFit powered technology.

You care because working neurologically, you can make changes more quickly and last longer. EFFICIENCY of MOVEMENT and EFFICIENCY of YOUR TIME

NeuFit: The Undercurrent BLOG

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