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Get started with a Complimentary Initial Experience: Text 512.593.6033

Getting Started: Complimentary Initial Experience

First Session:

Complimentary Initial Experience

Your complimentary experience session includes a 45-minute experience where we will do a shortened muscle testing, activation, and treatment protocol

After doing so, you and your trainer will create your Personalized Plan of Performance.

Please wear or bring shorts and t-shirt.

Book Now:

Text: 512.593.6033

Email: PerformOx@gmail.com

Restore + Perform Membership

Personalized Plan of Performance

- Personalized Restore + Perform sessions

- Personalized Restore + Perform at-home work

- Weekly Restore Video Learning

- Membership Wellness Event

- Membership Master Class

- Aligned Partner Promotions

- Ongoing Check-In Evaluations

Engage with your PerformOx team along your personal performance journey. Hands down the most complete, personalized, and targeted approach.

We facilitate your journey by consistently using our full suite of restorative therapies and foundational fitness regimens. Doing so eliminates pain and inefficiency and establishes strength and efficient movement.

Perform may mean triathlon, cycling, running, swimming, daily living, walking ---- whatever your personal goals, we will provide the foundation to your sport-specific training plan with efficient biomechanics.

Book Now:

Text: 512.593.6033

Email: PerformOx@gmail.com

Restore + Perform: Evaluation Only

Optimize your performance in life and in sport

Just want an evaluation and no follow up plan? We get this question, although no one actually buys just the information. Lol.

(Remember that members always receive a monthly evaluation as part of their Plan of Performance.)

$200 initial evaluation

Book Now:

Text: 512.593.6033

Email: PerformOx@gmail.com

Group Fitness: BYOG

Engage with your PerformOx team... with your team or group or family.

(BYOG = Bring Your Own Group)


  • 'Small group size (your choice)
  • Alignment to your group
  • Circuit-style training
  • Personalized format
  • Periodic muscle testing and re-alignment are built into the program
  • Available in packages and memberships at our facility or your location.
  • Classes are about $25 each, depending on the consumption model selected.
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